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Getting my vitamin sea.


I believe it is imperative to establish long lasting and meaningful relationships with my clients. An important aspect to this is developing a deep understanding of the needs of a project and having the knowledge and ability to communicate and execute an intended message across to a targeted audience. Let's be honest and cut through the marketing fluff. You need a website or a web application that works, looks good and effectively portrays that message. Well, that's essentially what I do and I lovingly code it all by hand.

"If your looking for someone who listens, has the business, technological and design skills to realise and portray the essence of your vision to the world in an engaging and memorable way, send me a hello or pick up the phone and let's have a conversation."

I am a full stack web and application developer for both online and offline technological information solutions for small business, e-commerce, product branding and personal sites. I have studied business information systems and software technology and have worked on a number of personal and commercial projects such as Surf Life Saving Australia and Macquarie University. I also do 3D architectural and product design renderings who is addicted at paying attention to the finer details.

"I understand the importance of creating an effective online presence through technology that is inline with your business strategy and model."

Away from the computer I enjoy hanging out with friends, travelling to new destinations and playing tennis. I am currently living in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. I have a keen interest in the universe and the sciences which try to define it. Whether it be string theory, to quantum mechanics, to the behavior of light or to the weird and wacky properties of black holes. I also own a dog who is the size of a rat and a cat the size of a house.

Just to be clear this website is a cross between a personal site and a hub for exploring and storing information like source code snippets and scripts. Also listed are my personal information resources for quick and easy access when out-and-about. I'll be updating the codes section periodically with new information, descriptions and tutorials.

Ok, so that's about it for now. If you would like to contact me for any reason, just send me a message!


My 3D Projects

I love to build models. I enjoy the breaking down of abstract ideas, transforming and re-creating them in the materialistic realms of the 3D digital world. I enjoy producing architectural and product design renderings from planning stage all the way through to analysis, modeling, materials, textures, lighting, rendering and composition.

Mustang Thumb
Mustang 3D Model

Interior Thumb
Modern 3D Interior

Ammitville Thumb
Complex 3D Scene

My Development Projects

Index SLSA
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Surf Life Saving Australia

Every year in Australia close to 300 deaths occur from drowning on Australian beaches. It was for this reason the Surf Hazard Rating Digitization System (SHRDS) was developed for Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA). The aim was to implement a streamlined hybrid mobile application to allow SLSA technical officers and life savers to efficiently and accurately collect, record and analyse surf hazard data at various beach locations and sporting events across Australia without having to use traditional paper based techniques.

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Macquarie University

Designed and implemented a new Professional and Community Engagement Program (PACE) system for Macquarie University. The aim was to aggregate all internships received from partnered organisations into a single centralised database in order to allow all staff members to better manage, handle, view and communicate internship and student information amongst the various faculties more effectively and efficiently.

MQ University

Source Code

Code Snippets And Scripts

If you're like me you may have been taught your first programming language at university, perhaps with Java or Python. No doubt, learning to program is challenging and takes years to fully master the concepts. However, it is also extremely gratifying if done right. It is the nature of the industry to consistently witness technology evolve exponentially while it makes its leaps and bounds. And that's not going to end anytime soon. My simple advice is to not get yourself lost in the big picture of things and just focus on one language at a time if your beginning out, just as long as you start and don't move on until you've mastered it.

"The most important thing I believe is to become familiar with how to think as a programmer, rather than how many languages you think you may know. So sit back and enjoy the ride!"

You will find various scripts and snippets of source code here, hopefully with helpful descriptions and explanations. Hope you find something of use.


Information Resources

My personal collection of information resources on various topics including programming, machine learning, databases, operating systems, ethical hacking, personal development, mathematics, computer graphics, business ethics and corporate governance plus many other topics.

Source Code